Cyclists ride to take a stand over bike path connector closure in Riverdale

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A group of bike riders is taking a stand over a closed connector between two main bike paths.

The center of it all, the Haven Acres neighborhood in the city of Riverdale.

That neighborhood was the way to get from the Mississippi River Trail to the Duck Creek Trail.

Now, there’s a gate there after neighbors complained about bike traffic.

Riders say they are forced to go around into South Bellingham, across a busy four-lane highway, to get to Duck Creek Trail.

Cyclists participated in a mile-and-a-half ride.

“The main reason we want the gate to disappear is because the City of Riverdale has made an unsafe situation. So, what they’ve done is force riders to go across Highway 67 instead of going down this nice, quiet Kensington Street,” said John Harrington, former president of the Quad Cities Bike Club.

After that, they all met at My Place Pub. They say it’s their way of showing support to the business because it has also been impacted by the connector being closed.

Local 4 spoke to Jamie Long, owner of My Place Pub.

“Close to 35% of my business profits between the spring and fall seasons are gone. COVID, the shutdowns, the storms, the rioting, everything else that has happened. To then shut the bike path too is just an extra blow,” said Long.

Friday’s event was also a chance to raise money for legal costs to try to reopen the connecter.

The goal is $10,000. So far, they have raised about $7,500.

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