DACA changes affect Dreamers from the Quad Cities

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Immigrants now living in the Quad Cities are under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program are seeing their emotions go from relief to frustration.

The relief came last month when the Supreme Court upheld the program.

The court rejected the Trump Administration’s attempt to end DACA.

Just this week President Donald Trump said DACA will only be extended for a year and will not take any new applications.

It’s estimated hundreds of thousands have benefited from DACA , it lets people who were brought to the country illegally get a work permit and renew it every 2 years as long as they pass a background check.

Andrea is a Dreamer from East Moline who came to the country when she was 3-years-old and now she can’t apply for DACA.

“It really is devastating because I really don’t get work when I graduate from college, I might not be able to work right away as for what I’ve been preparing myself for, it’s really sad it really brings me down,” said Andrea.

The new approach from the Trump administration is considered a stalling tactic to review the policy. The administration could use the time to come up with a new strategy to get rid of the program. A move that could leave Dreamers, helpless.

Dolores Tapia is a immigration attorney and says there are Dreamers in the Quad Cities who will be affected.

“We don’t know if its hundred or if its in the thousands how many people qualified to apply and they will not be able to apply because the administration has clearly said they are not going to follow the orders of the Supreme Court.” said Tapia.

John Ortega is the Vice Chair of Scott County Republicans and feels something should be done for Dreamers.

“It’s the fault of the parents who brought them illegally but it’s not their fault that they’re here so there should be some kind of accommodation for that I think,” said Ortega.

It’s estimated that there’s nearly 3,000 DACA recipients in Iowa and more than 42,000 DACA recipients in Illinois.

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