Dairy Queen in Bettendorf temporarily closes

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Dairy Queen in Bettendorf has announced they will be closing temporarily. They join the list of many local businesses who have had to make changes short term due to the Coronavirus. The decision was tough for co-owner, Karlee Lindorfer, but it ultimately came down to the safety of their employee’s.

“We took into factors everything.” Said Lindorfer. “The public, you know our community, our great customers, the employees, the families of all the employees that we have here and yeah tough decision, but we just decided after weighing everything out it’s better to be safe than sorry and so we will take some time off.”

Despite the Coronavirus Pandemic, business was still good for Dairy Queen. Currently they are drive thru only, but that hasn’t stopped loyal customers from coming in full force.

“The line you know for our drive thru is in the street coming from both directions you know pretty much the afternoon especially into the evening.” Lindorfer said. “Everything starts to get busy and stays busy. We’ve been closing early at nine o’clock, but we acutally don’t close at nine because the line doesn’t stop and we wait until the line stops about 9:30 9:45 every night.”

This Dairy Queen location has been family owned for 43 years and has a lot of rich history to it.

“I’m 4th generation of one of the original families in Dairy Queen and fortunate enough that my grandfather was the inventor of the blizzard machine which is obviously the product or machine we make Dairy Queen staple product on.”

The prototype blizzard machine is on display inside the store. Lindorfer does appreciate the Quad Cities for all of the support from over the years, especially during this pandemic.

“I wanna say thank you to Bettendorf, Davenport, the greater Quad City area we have customers that come from Illinois all the way over to this store. Kept us going over 43 years now and have supported us all through the partial shutdown we are going through right now.”

They will remain open until 10:00 pm on April 5th,

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