A former Davenport alderman brought his fight for his old job to Scott County Court on Friday.

Derek Cornette wants a judge to issue a temporary junction to block the City of Davenport from appointing a replacement.

Davenport Alderman Derek Cornette (OurQuadCities.com)

The Davenport City Council voted to remove Cornette about a month ago in response to allegations he harassed women who work for the city and that he drank alcohol before meetings.

Cornette’s lawyers argued Friday the mayor and the council didn’t give him due process. Lawyers for the city disagree.

Cornette’s attorney asked the court to pass an injunction to stop the council from choosing a replacement alderman for Cornette and to reinstate him to his job.

Derek Cornette, left, and his attorney, Mike Meloy

Cornett’s lawyer argued that Cornette had a lack of time to prepare, and due process was being violated. He says Cornette was given only 24 hours to go over the 18-page notice.

He also argued that the mayor and Alderman Gripp should not have been part of the hearing because the mayor had already prejudged Cornette in a conference to the media ahead of the hearing and Gripp was listed as a victim.

The lawyer representing the city claims that the 24 hours was enough time but the mayor had also called Cornette and let him know about the hearing 48 hours beforehand.

“There is no Iowa case law that supports this kind of short notice,” said Mike Meloy, Cornette’s attorney. “My gosh, a traffic-ticket violator receives more due process than Derek Cornette received here.”

Judge Henry Latham said he will take matters under advisement.