Davenport alderman doesn’t know who forged his signature on a letter that fired 4 people

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Court documents indicate Ald. Mike Matson never agreed to sign removal letter of 4 civil rights commissioners

New court documents reveal there was some tension among city officials in Davenport over the mayor’s controversial decision to remove four members of the civil rights commission.

It’s a Local 4/ Fox 18 News exclusive.

Davenport Mayor frank Klipsch sent a letter to four commissioners back in April.

In it, he gives a dozen reasons for why he’s removing them from their posts immediately.

The letter has signatures indicating support from all 10 Davenport aldermen but according to new court documents, one alderman says he never signed it.

In a 54-page deposition of 7th ward alderman Mike Matson, he tells attorneys he doesn’t know who forged his signature on the removal letter.

According to the documents, an attorney asked Matson how his signature ended up on a letter he never saw.

“I have no idea,” Matson replied.

Documents indicate that the attorney then asked, “You never authorized the mayor to do that, did you?”

Matson said, “I did not,” according to court documents.

Matson told attorneys that he did say the mayor told him about removing the commissioners.

But the alderman insisted he told the mayor he’d have to see the letter before signing it.

Within a week, he saw the letter on the news, he told attorneys.

According to court documents, Matson also said he didn’t agree with some of the mayor’s reasons for removing the four commissioners and said parts of the letter were “mean, divisive and unprofessional.”

According to court documents, Matson said the mayor apologized for using his signature but didn’t say who exactly put it on that letter or where they got his signature from.

Matson told attorneys he does not keep a digital copy of his signature anywhere.

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