Davenport Central graduate started GoFundMe to erase school lunch debt

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Last week we told you about the student lunch debt, racked up at the Davenport School District.

At that time, the district had a negative balance of $8,800.

A graduate from Davenport Central started a GoFundMe page. That page currently has raised more than $13,000.

Kevin Carlson, alum of Davenport Central, and the organizer of the GoFundMe says he received a good education from the district. He says he wants students in the district now to receive that same education, and not to worry about hunger.

“No child should go hungry. People just say thank you for doing this, and I’m not doing anything. It’s the people that are donating that are making this happen,” he says. “It doesn’t matter what your personal situation is. You don’t know what the next person situation is. They can be struggling under medical debt, a family member that needs help, and they need a little help with.” school lunch,” says Carlson.

Coni Dobbels, Supervisor of Food and Nutrition Services at Davenport School district says, the out-pour of support from the community has been overwhelming.

“The day after we aired on Channel 4. We received a check for $1,500 dollars from a donor who had previously donated money to us. Then a graduate from Davenport Central came forth and he started a Gofundme,” says Dobbels.

She says the district as well as students appreciate the kind gesture.

“The kids who are going to the lunch line today don’t have to worry whether or not if any money is in their account. They just get to have a lunch, and know that nobody is going to be coming home asking for money and that’s just an overwhelming feeling,” says Dobbels.

If you are interested in donating here’s the link to the Gofundme.

Dobbels says every donation big or little will go a long way.

“In fact 10 dollars will cover 4 meals for students in Davenport schools. I just can’t believe the community can come together, in such a positive manner. Truly to affect these students in such a positive light,” she says.

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