Davenport Central student earns $20,000 scholarship to go to Yale

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Wini Aboyure already had her mind made up to go to Yale.

The surprise Friday was the $20,000 Dr. Tom Dooley Scholarship that will help throughout her academic career.

Faculty, staff and Wini’s family gathered to congratulate her about noon Friday at Central High School.

Even though Wini wore a mask, the surprise and delight showed in her eyes when she walked through the door to applause and hugs from her mother and brother.

“You missed class for me … I’m sure that was a real sacrifice,” she said to her brother.

“I got a couple of other scholarships but this was really important to me … because it’s like Davenport schools and obviously had an impact on my life right now,” she said.

She wrote an essay as part of the competition.

“It was basically about how I view my life as a puzzle, and this was like my next piece, and how I’m kind of viewing all the culmination the work and my passions,” Wini said.

She wants to be a medical examiner because of her passion for criminal justice reform and forensics – “A little different than being a live-people doctor.”

As for Yale, it just felt right.

“It just felt like the perfect place socially and academically to grow and to explore different passions.”

Her mom, Kim Aboyure, as well as her teachers, inspired her. She follow in her mother’s footsteps as a lifelong learner.                                                   

“I’m a mom that went back to school later in life, and do court-appointed work for Scott County,” said Wini’s mother.

The family will have another celebration soon, when wini graduates June 6. 

“Then, this summer, I‘m going to be doing some tutoring and a lot of preparation for going to Yale in the fall.”

The Dooley Scholarship is awarded each year to a Davenport Community Schools senior in the upper 10% of their class, who has shown a continued interest in the field of medicine, and plans to become a medical doctor.

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