The City of Davenport is adding four electric buses to Davenport CitiBus starting in early 2024, with the help of an award of over $4.8 million in Federal Transit Administration Bus and Low- and No-Emission Grant funds. These federal funds will provide Davenport CitiBus with the necessary technology while providing reliable, affordable services to passengers. The long-anticipated zero-emission addition will phase out 20 year old higher emission and expensive diesel buses. Moving to zero-emission buses is a major step for the City of Davenport to improve air quality in the community and reduce the operational cost of public transportation. A typical diesel bus produces nearly 230,000 pounds of greenhouse gas per year while the national average for diesel is currently just over $5 a gallon.

Once in operation, these buses will help the city keep 920,000 pounds of greenhouse gases from being released into the atmosphere each year. The grant is the culmination of a successful campaign that raised $185,000 in additional funding from local stakeholders, $160,000 from MidAmerican Energy and $25,000 from the Regional Development Authority. The city estimates its cost-share for the new buses is $675,000.

Marla Miller, Transit Operations Manager, said, “The commitment of funding came on the heels of an electric bus tour hosted by Davenport in February 2022 where feedback was nothing but positive – quieter, smoother ride; new and bright; feels amazing compared to the current fleet. We can’t wait for them to arrive!”