Davenport delays railroad crossing repairs to finalize design plans

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The plan was to start construction this fall, but now it's pushed back to next spring

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Davenport’s riverfront visitors are used to waiting on trains at the crossings, but they’ll have to wait even longer for the new crossings to be complete.

When city officials first discussed the project with Canadian Pacific fall was the scheduled start date. Now, it’s being pushed back.

“We had asked the railroad, ‘Do you mind slowing down? Let us have some input. Make sure that what we’re doing fits into our long term plans,'” said Davenport Public Works director Nicole Gleason.

The new timeline has designs being finalized this fall or winter. Then Canadian Pacific will find a contractor and begin building in the spring.

“That gravel will go away, the slopes will be much nicer, the connections to the sidewalks and the bike paths will all be improved,” Gleason said. “So a lot of those things that just seem clunky right now and not very attractive, that will look a lot better after construction next spring.”

There’s a temporary fix at almost all the crossings, but not the pedestrian crossing at Main Street by Dillon Fountain.

“You have a neat park here with access to the city, I mean, they need to exploit that,” said tourist John Moritz.

Moritz is visiting Davenport with his walking club. He says Davenport’s trails are special and he hopes to see them restored.

“I think connecting the city back to the water would be awesome because water’s a draw around the world,” he said.

Gleason said the crossing will be restored with the others next spring.

In the meantime, she’s asking that people do not walk across the tracks where there aren’t temporary crossings because it could be dangerous.

There’s no cost estimate for the project yet, but Canadian Pacific will be footing the bill.

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