Davenport family grows, cans food instead of going to the grocery store

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Some people in the Quad Cities area have a different way of getting food to avoid the higher prices at the grocery store.

Wayne and Karen Hean live at Rolling View Farm in Davenport. They grow and can almost all of the food they eat. They say it’s healthier and more cost efficient than going to the store.

“It’s a different way of looking at it than running out to the store,” said Wayne Hean. “The benefit is that you’re eating healthier, you know where your food came from, you know how your food was handled, you know how it was prepared.”

The couple will grow a year’s worth of food over the summer and store it in Mason jars, sealed using special canning pots.

“If it’s got a high acid like vinegar in it, or the tomatoes, that kind of stuff, you can do high-acid or high-sugar, like jams and jellies and that kind of stuff,” said Karen Hean.

Although it is extra work, they might call it a favorable lifestyle – especially this year, with grocery prices through the roof. And while farming certainly isn’t free, Wayne says it’s worth it.

“There’s a cost into that, yes, but once you buy into the technology and then you buy into the lifestyle, you’re really eating healthier,” Wayne said.

He says it’s a lifestyle anyone can grow into.

“You can do this in your back yard. You know, you can collect your own rainwater from a rainwater system so you can water your garden from it.”

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