Davenport Fire Department unveil new ladder truck

Local News

The Davenport Fire Department unveiled its new $1.2 million ladder truck in a “push ceremony” recently to replace the 24-year-old current ladder truck.

The new truck, a 2020 Sutphen model SPH100, has an elevated platform that can be deployed and usable within 45 seconds and reach a maximum of 100 feet. Under the right conditions, the truck can reach the eighth floor of a building.

The truck holds 300 gallons of water with a maximum pumping capacity of 1,500 gallons per minute.

There is also interior storage for ground ladders and charging capacity for all the battery-powered devices used in firefighting and EMS.

“The design of the new apparatus gives us better mobility through town, greater reliability and versatility during responses and focuses on safety and firefighter capability for our responders,” said Davenport Fire Chief Mike Carlsten. “We realize this is a large investment into our organization. This new aerial apparatus will provide the most up-to-date technology for our firefighters to answer the needs of our community in a safe and efficient manner.”

A push ceremony is a tradition that dates back to the mid-1800s when the horses were unhitched from the fire wagons and then the wagons were pushed into the firehouse by the fire crew. In modern times, the ceremony is traditionally used to introduce new vehicles as it is brought into the station.

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