Hundreds of people got a break from high gas prices Tuesday when a Davenport gas station lowered its price to $2.38 per gallon.

The Big 10 Mart on the corner of West 53rd and North Pine Streets changed its price from $3.99 per gallon to $2.38 just before 11 a.m. Tuesday morning, drawing in over 200 vehicles in just a two-hour span. Nearly 100 people lined their vehicles up to wait for the cheap gas before the price even changed, stretching down North Pine Street and around the corner to West 54th Street.

Many Davenport residents at the cost-cutting event said a bargain like this was much needed, as they all continue to feel the effects of inflation.

“It saves on the pocketbook,” said Don Aldbatten, a Davenport resident whose wife commutes to Dubuque for work. “My wife drives back and forth, and she spends about 150 dollars a week on gas to get back and forth.”

“There’s days where I’d rather not even drive because gas is so high and I’ve got to pay for other stuff,” said Milton Wells Jr., another Davenport resident at the event. “I’ll put it off until the day where I know I can do both (shopping and gas), or make sure I have enough gas to take care of everything else at one time instead of making multiple trips.”

The temporary markdown was made possible through a partnership with Molo Companies, the parent company of Big 10 Mart, and Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Iowa, a conservative political advocacy group founded by the Koch brothers. AFP Iowa leaders said at the event that $2.38 was the national average price for a gallon of fuel when President Joe Biden took office, and they wanted to bring that price back for Iowans for a couple of hours.

“What’s been really impactful is to hear people talk about how the impact of filling up for roughly half the cost today is going to impact their budget for the rest of the month,” said Drew Klein, the Iowa Director for AFP. “It’s going to free them up to do other things with that money.”

“This is just a little way of us helping to relieve some of the inflationary strains that have cost a lot of consumers money here at the pump and inside at any store that they shop, restaurants, hotels, or whatever,” said Glenn Hasken, the Chief Operating Officer for Molo Companies.

According to Klein, AFP already has held between 50 and 60 events like this across the country this year, and AFP’s Iowa Chapter plans on holding another one this Thursday at a Big 10 Mart in Cedar Rapids.