Davenport Getting Ready to Elect New Mayor

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For election day voters will decide who will be Davenport’s new Mayor.
Mike Matson grew up in Davenport and Rita Rawson has been a resident of Davenport for 19 years.

Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Early voting was also available on Monday at the Auditor’s office.

Rita Rawson and Mike Matson are both running to be Davenport’s new Mayor. Their main focus are public safety and the flooding problem that the city faces.

Both candidates were guests on recent shows of For The Record and this is what they had to say about public safety.

“Since I’ve been on council we have body cameras for all of the police officers which was new, we also authorized license plate technology which reads the license plate when police are driving around which is critical when we had so many cars stolen in 2018,” said Rawson.

“Recently the city council of Davenport purchased what we call a showcase system identifier so we use to send that stuff to De Moine and then it’d take a while to get any identification back so we bought it our self and we can do it here now,” said Matson.

Both candidates also have similar ideas when it comes to fixing the flooding problem.

“I think it makes more sense to have some engineers come and give us some feedback on what we can actually do for parts of the riverfront. I think there will be some flood walls in certain areas and we also need to look at perhaps some better plan management,” said Rawson.

“So I think we need to bring a consultant and engineering specialist lack of a better word that has done some work on a river town like ours, that lets the river and water come and go as it pleases,” said Matson.

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