Davenport home destroyed after high speed chase ends in crash

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Shots fired call leads to high speed chase, crash

Some people in Davenport got an unexpected wake-up call late last night.

That’s when a high-speed chase ended with a loud crash into a neighbor’s home.

Officers responded to a call about gunshots on Fillmore Avenue around 11:15 Wednesday night.

They spotted a suspicious car believed to be connected to it and tried to stop it.

That set off the high-speed pursuit.

The driver lost control and slammed into into a house near West 17th and Sturdevant streets.

Police made the arrest, but haven’t announced any charges.

“11:30 last night and my daughter come in my room and said, ‘Mom, mom, mom, get up I just heard a big boom.'”

That’s when one Davenport woman woke up to find a car smashed into her neighbor’s home.

We’re hiding her identity because she fears retaliation.

“It shook my daughter’s bedroom and her bedroom’s in the back of the house,” she says.

Police say a man led officers on a high speed chase until he lost control of his car, drove through this woman’s yard and ended up slamming into the house next door.

“His bedroom is in the front room and they said if he was in his bedroom he would’ve been dead, so thank goodness he was in the living room watching TV when it happened,” she says.

Investigators say the suspect then ran from his car.

“He ran and ran back behind my house and they caught him underneath my swing back here,” the woman says.

The landlord of crash site tells us the impact of the crash shoved the building off its foundation.

It’s being condemned and considered a total loss.

As this mom picks up the mess on her lawn, she’s thankful.

“Two steps away from my deck, it would’ve been my house,” she says.

But she’s also still in shock.

“I’ve lived here for 14 years and now I don’t want to live here anymore.”

And she’s not taking anymore chances.

“I won’t even let my two grand-kids play outside in the yard. Not even with me, because it’s too scary,” she says.

There was also a female passenger in that car.

Both she and the driver suffered non-life threatening injuries during the crash.

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