Davenport man 3-D pitching in by printing face shields for medical staff

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A Davenport man is stepping in to help keep doctors and nurses protected during the coronavirus pandemic using one of his hobbies and technology to do it.

Darryl Cross is on hiatus from work right now during the pandemic, but he’s using this time to make face shield masks for hospital workers using his 3D printers.

“You know my mom’s been a nurse for about 26 years,” Cross said. “They spend all of their time taking care of people when they come in there. But a lot of the times they don’t have the protection they need. If you’re looking at the pictures of the nurses in the trauma units, they’re rushing up to help people, and they have a mask on their mouth, and glasses on their eyes, but with a lot of exposed skin and exposed hair. And at this point we don’t know how long the virus can live on your hair or your skin, so I decided to come up with a way to combat that.”

Cross is selling these masks for the price of making them, and says he wanted to be able to help people get supplies while bypassing shipping delays and supply shortages that come from buying overseas.

“We’re gonna have this thing around for months,” Cross said. “But as we all know, most of the stuff we use like this is made in China, really cheap, and sent over here. I live here in Davenport, Iowa. I can make this stuff to help the people of Iowa, fellow Americans, people in my city, and my state and make an impact on people where I live. That’s the most important piece to this. Sometimes you gotta bloom where you’re planted, and do the best that you can.”

Cross has sent masks to hospitals and nursing care facilities in Illinois, Iowa, and Virginia so far.

You can check out his progress on the Coach Cross Photography Facebook page.

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