Davenport man calls for Pet Mart to close after he says he saw “horrible” living conditions

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DAVENPORT, Iowa- A Davenport man calls for a pet store to shut down after he claims he saw animals being treated poorly.

Pet owner Stewart Gardner visited Pet Mart on Brady street in Davenport this weekend. He says he walked into something horrible. Gardner put up this Facebook post that has gone viral. It shows the conditions he saw. Now it’s been shared more than a thousand times and has hundreds of likes.

“Its emotional, you now you see a poor defenseless animal, ” shares Gardner. He calls himself just a ordinary truck driver but he says what he saw at Pet Mart on Sunday turned him into a self-proclaimed animal activist.

“I mean it was unacceptable,” he shares. That’s when Gardner says he shared this Facebook post that’s been shared over 1,000 times. It shows what Gardner says are horrible living conditions.”All the dogs were covered in their own feces and urine. They didn’t have room and they didn’t have food in their cages.”

A Local 4 News crew decided to check out the place. Owner Kevin Frankenberger of Pet Mart didn’t want to be on camera or us to film. We did stay to ask him a couple of questions. Local 4 News did some digging. One website working to end the harmful treatment of pets, called Bailing Out Benji, shows one breeder with more than 90 violations is connected to Pet Mart. Frankenberger says he does not recognize the breeder.

Local 4 then asked him how often he washes the dogs and he said every day. One woman who Pet Mart surrendered a dog to tells a different story.
“The dog we took wasn’t clean the dog was dirty. There were feces in the kennels,” says Debra Fraker. Fraker is the president of K-9 Kindness Rescue, a non profit that saves endangered dogs. On Tuesday, she welcomed the pup to her home.

“We got kind of an anonymous phone call that somebody said that there was a dog or maybe to two dogs that they wanted to get rid of and were we interested in wanting to help,” shares the non-profit president. Fraker says the pet store owner told her the dog was outgrowing the cages.

Despite all this, the Iowa Department of Agriculture said in a July 2019 report that the pet store passed all the regulations.

Frankenberger shares he’s gotten death threats as a result of the post. The Iowa Department of Agriculture say they received an anonymous call Wednesday morning from a concerned citizen. They will be checking out the facility in the next 24-hours. Local 4 News will continue to investigate.

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