Davenport man fulfills 89-year-old woman’s dream of taking ‘one more’ motorcycle ride

Local News

A dream came true for an 89-year-old woman in Knoxville, Ill.

She wanted to take a ride on a motorcycle one more time.

The grandmother got her wish with the help of an artist from Davenport.

Jack Wilhoit went the extra mile traveling from Davenport to Knoxville after he heard Elaine Johnson, who is living in a retirement center, wanted to take a ride on a Steel Horse just one more time.

“We got her into the sidecar, and we drove around the parking lot a little bit, and then a couple other guys showed up with their bikes, and then we did some rides up and down around town,” said Wilhoit. “The smile on her face was worth going out there. They call her ‘Sunshine,’ and she was brighter with her smile than the sun that was actually shining.”

The ride brought not only sunshine but memories to Elaine, who spent a lot of time when she was younger riding motorcycles with her husband, Glen. 

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