Davenport man watches police catch suspect involved in police pursuit in his backyard

Local News

Two suspects are in custody after a police chase this evening in Davenport. They were driving at high speeds before being run off the road by police. The suspects then took off on foot where they were detained.

Local Four was first on the scene. Our crew spoke with a neighbor who saw the foot chase unfold from his house.

“I was sitting up in my room and I heard a larger amount of sirens than normal in my neighborhood. So I quickly ran downstairs to my front porch and I decided to have a look outside to the left and here in my brother’s front yard was three or four police officers and I guess a suspect had jumped my brother’s fence into the yard here and they had him restrained.”

Jacob Smith was enjoying a nice Sunday evening when the suspects came through an alley and went into his yard where he witnessed police tackle one of them.

“I came out when he was running here and he jumped over the fence and I actually saw one of the police officers instead of jumping over the fence, he dove without any regard for his own safety on top of the suspect so he wasn’t able to get up and keep running towards the alley.”

Smith says that it really hit home with such a crazy scene being so close to where he lives.

“Especially right here next to me where I live it’s pretty insane just to know that stuff like that could be happening literally in your own backyard and you couldn’t even be aware of it if you’re sleeping or working so it’s pretty disturbing and unsettling.”

Smith hasn’t seen anything like this happen before, but he is concerned that it could happen again.

“I’ve been talking to my parents about getting more privacy fences and we keep dog latches on our fences and stuff like that can just help and I guess at this point you might as well get higher fences if they can just jump it.”

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