Davenport Mayor Mike Matson responds to COVID-19 outbreak: ‘Staying home is the most important line of defense we have’

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During tonight’s Davenport City Council meeting, Mayor Mike Matson made the following statement regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, thanking the community for their outreach and advising Davenport residents to stay at home when possible:

“In these challenging times as we take on the fight against COVID-19, the City of Davenport and I, as your mayor, are committed to keeping you healthy and safe.
Since the initial days of the COVID-19 response, the City of Davenport has worked together with our community partners to ensure that Davenport is prepared and well-equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.
I want to thank our first responders, essential city staff and local health care professionals who are on the frontline of the COVID-19 crisis. They are the men and women who work tirelessly on our behalf.
First responders and essential city staff do not have the option of staying home, and every day, they leave their families to serve our community. Hard work and resilience are at the core of who we are here in Davenport, and our first responders and essential city staff exemplify the character and grit that makes us stronger.
To each and every member of our first responder and essential city team, I want you to know this: You are deeply appreciated.
Over the past several weeks, the governor has issued several proclamations closing nonessential businesses and limiting social gatherings. While the governor has not yet issued shelter-in-place orders, I am speaking to our community tonight to reiterate the importance of staying at home during this crucial time to stop the spread of COVID-19 in our community. Staying home is the most important line of defense we have.
All Davenport residents need to heed the advice that has been given to us by health care professionals. Stay home, only leaving to go to work or for essential shopping trips for food or medicine. Work from home if you can. If you must leave your house, use social distancing and stay more than six feet apart from others.
If you are not well, isolate yourself and remain home for at least 72 hours after the symptoms subside. When we do not heed these recommendations, we put our family, our friends and our community at risk. Every resident of Davenport has the ability and the responsibility to follow this advice.
We need to utilize our resilience now more than ever before. I implore every Davenport resident to do what he or she can for our community, and that is to stay home and stay safe.
We are not staying home and social distancing for the faceless stranger; we are doing so for the sake of our elderly neighbor fighting to stay healthy, for our first responders who do not have the luxury of staying home, our health care workers on the frontlines and family and friends whom we love dearly.
When history looks back upon this time, we will be able to share how each and every Davenport citizen did their part in fighting this crisis — from the youngest child to the oldest senior.
I sincerely thank our community members who have already taken these steps to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. But know this: We are entering a crucial point in our fight — let us not grow weary in doing what is right and good for Davenport, the Quad Cities and our nation.
The citizens of Davenport are strong, and once the concern of the current moment has passed, it is my great hope that we will be able to look back with pride on how our community responded to this challenge.
Let us all work together to make Davenport a safe, stable and welcoming community, even during these challenging times. Stay safe, Davenport.”

Mayor Mike Matson

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