Davenport mom at her wit’s end trying to help son with mental illness

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Coretta Hurn’s son is schizophrenic. He’s 30 years old.

He’s had several incidents over the years and has been committed to mental health facilities.

Now his mother says an incident last week could be the last straw.

Hurn had to call the police on her son last friday at her house
She says he was being belligerent towards her, thinking that she wanted to fight.

Davenport Police Department responded, but after leaving without making an arrest. Her son lost control.

“Next thing I knew, I heard him kicking the door,” Hurn said. “And I ease out the front door, and when I eased out the door I walked down the street a little bit. And as I did that, I called the police again, because I heard him kicking my door. Next thing I know, I hear a window shatter.”

Hurn’s son is currently in jail for criminal mischief.

Hurn has legally evicted him from her house, however she fears that without him being institutionalized, things will go back to the way they were.

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