A jack-of-all-trades. A million-dollar smile. A father. A son.

These are words LaPresha Williams uses to describe her late son, Corey Martin, who was shot and killed on Monday, Feb. 28, outside the GD Xpress gas station in Davenport.

“He was the life of the party,” said Williams. “Out of all my children, he was the only one that still gave me a hug and a kiss no matter where he was at, who he was with. That’s what I’m going to miss the most.”

Williams says the last few months of Martin’s life were good ones, as he was close to getting licenses in cosmetology and real estate.

But even more importantly, he was spending time with his 3-year-old son, Jakari.

“Their bond was … it was wherever Corey went, Jakari was right behind him,” said Williams. “The first time Corey seen him, it was like an automatic connection.”

Williams says Martin grew up without his father, and because of that, wanted to make sure he was a part of Jakari’s life.

“He was trying to break the cycle because his father wasn’t in his life,” said Williams. “So he was like, ‘Yeah, I’m breaking the cycle, Mom. I’m not going to be like my dad.'”

Martin also spent plenty of time with family throughout his life, making sure they knew they were loved.

“He was very family-oriented,” said Williams. “He always wanted family to be together and to be close.”

Plus, Martin loved spending time with friends, being described by many as a “social butterfly.”

Jeffrey McGee, a close friend of Martin’s since middle school, says he always loved Martin’s positive energy and advice and loved watching him mature over the years.

“Corey was always the life of the party; loved to make people laugh,” said McGee. “To see the changes in him, and the way he talked, it was just great to see.”

Furthermore, another important thing Williams remembers about her son was his faith, as he believed in God.

Williams says that faith gives her comfort as to where Martin is right now.

“Every time anything was going wrong, he always was like, ‘God’s got my back,'” said Williams. “So there’s no doubt, I know where he’s at.”

Williams is now spending much of her time this week looking through old photos of Martin, along with finalizing funeral plans.

She is also trying to raise money for Martin’s son, Jakari, and is accepting donations on Cash App ($precious1ofpeace) and on Venmo (LaPresha-Williams).

Corey Martin was 25 years old.