The Davenport NAACP is opposing Division XIII of Senate Study Bill 1276, the health and human service budget bill.

They say it would take away food assistance from thousands of otherwise eligible Iowans and released the following statement Monday:

Today, the Davenport NAACP was alerted that the Iowa Senate would be voting as early as Wednesday on Division XIII of Senate Study Bill 1267 (previously passed as Senate File 389).

This bill will create more procedural barriers to food assistance eligibility and impose a new asset limitation ($2,250.00 average household) eligibility. Should this bill pass, 50,000 currently eligible Iowans will have their food assistance taken away. Division XIII additionally commits to spending state dollars to enlist the help of a private entity to scrap these families off federal food assistance.

The NAACP strongly opposes passage of a bill that would leave struggling Iowa families hungry and that would hurt Iowa farmers, as well as wreak havoc on our state’s economy. The Davenport NAACP is committed to alleviating food insecurity for Iowans, not advocating for it. We encourage our community to also oppose this bill and to be active in their government by emailing our state senators from Scott County to drop Division XIII of Senate Study Bill 1267.

Davenport NAACP

Local Senators from Scott County are Roby Smith and Chris Cournoyer.