Davenport native runs as write-in candidate for 4th Ward race

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A Davenport native and small business owner announced plans to run as a write-in candidate for 4th Ward alderman Sunday evening.

This news came after current alderman, Ray Ambrose, made the decision not to run for another term after holding the position since 1998.

Kelly Wallace, who has lived in Ambrose’s district for a decade, says she appreciates the work he has done over the years and wants to continue his legacy.

“Ray has seen so many changes in our city over the years. I’ve lived in his district for a decade and appreciate his service to our ward for as many years as he has held the position,” said Wallace. “When he decided not to run at the last minute, it was too late to garner signatures and be on the ballot, so I decided to run in as a write-in candidate.”

Wallace owns a small business in Davenport and has served on the board of directors for the Hilltop Business Association, as well as the board of the Hilltop Campus Village. She sees her 4th Ward as a “major asset to Davenport” and is excited to be in a position to offer support and direction in continuing the positive growth for the area.

“I live in Davenport’s Midtown area; families investing in their homes and neighborhood to secure the chance at prosperity for them and their loved ones,” said Wallace. “I see improvements daily as I drive my ward, as well as areas that need help or attention. It’s my job to take the phone calls from the constituents and be the conduit to the resources and opportunities the city and supporting programs have, and then help navigate the process to a successful outcome.”

More information about Kelly Wallace and her campaign can be found on her Facebook page.

She can also be contacted by phone at 630-205-3971 and via email.

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