Davenport native working on frontlines of COVID-19 vaccine research

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A Davenport native is working on the frontlines of COVID-19 vaccine research. 

“I’m more of a boots on the ground kind of [guy] with running a vaccine trial and doing a lot of the data side of things,” Nicholas Kendell said. 

Kendell is a data coordinator for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, Washington, and is managing trials for the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine which was created in partnership with Oxford University. The vaccine was approved for use in the United Kingdom in December

“The [vaccine] maybe won’t be as utilized in the United States just because it is not approved yet, and the Pfizer and Moderna [vaccines] are already trudging along,” he said. 

Kendell said it’s important to have more than one vaccine to fight COVID-19. “This is a global pandemic. This doesn’t just pertain to the United states. You can’t just have one vaccine candidate,” he said. 

As a data coordinator, he manages information from trial participants and focuses on the outcomes. 

“Seeing how they progress through the study, and seeing if this vaccine does prevent COVID infection,” he said. 

Since there is still a lot to learn about the coronavirus, he said it’s important to tackle misinformation by checking reputable sources when seeking information about the pandemic. Overall, he hopes their work makes a difference. 

“I really hope that people come out of this with a better appreciation and understanding of science as a whole,” Kendell said. 

The vaccine trails are in phase 3 in the US currently and have not been submitted to the FDA for approval yet. 

To learn more about their ongoing trials, click the link here. 

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