On Tuesday, December 8th, Davenport North and Pleasant Valley played what seemed like an ordinary basketball game at Pleasant Valley.

Later that night, via social media, Davenport North basketball coach Marquez Davis made a post alleging the three officials at the game, at separate times, used derogatory and racial slurs towards him during the game.

“There’s a need to be people held accountable. And there needs to be more staff from the opposing team there so they can witness this,” says Aticia Coney.

Coney has a son on Davenport North’s basketball team and was at the game that night.

“It was disgusting, to say the least. If you have those words in your vocabulary, we never had a chance at the beginning of the game. You already had your mind made up about us,” Coney says. “And we aren’t the n-word. So, you saying that, that’s ridiculous.”

Davis’ social media post has been shared and reposted more than 700 times. The allegations have been backed by one Davenport North player who was on the court at the time.

“Coach asked, ‘who’s the ball out on’. And then the ref says, ‘stop b–‘ or something like that. And then, yeah and then Coach would ask about a call,” Trevon Coney says. “He said, ‘everytime I run down here, you’re b–‘, telling him to ‘sit the f– down’ and stuff like that.”

Mississippi Athletic Conference officials and the Davenport and Pleasant Valley School Districts are reviewing the allegations. Coach Davis will not be permitted to speak to the media until the investigation is complete.

“Administration and school district could’ve came out and at least said that they don’t condone this type of behavior,” Darryl Smith, a longtime official in the area, says. “Even though they still have to get the facts of what happened, they still could at least go out publicly and say ‘hey, we’re not going to condone this. We’re not going to allow this to happen to our coaches, our administrations, and our student body or student athletes.'” 

Aticia Coney says the referees need to be held accountable. As a witness who was at the game, she can attest to the words that were said to Coach Davis.

“Nobody’s making this up. This is happening. And they need to have refs that will hold each other accountable.”

The school districts believe the investigation into this matter will be over in the near future.