Davenport officials will petition to have Shenanigan’s liquor license revoked

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Davenport officials gather to discuss the fight that happened at Shenanigan’s Irish Pub on Sunday morning.

Davenport Mayor Frank Klipsch said he got feed back from the community stating they want to feel safe again. Klipsch and other city officials sat down Tuesday afternoon to brainstorm how they can make it happen, because they’ve had enough with the multiple fights that have taken place at or outside of Shenanigan’s.

“Something needs to be done the atmosphere creates a lot of negative behavior and we want to make sure that individuals around that area can feel safe,” said Klipsch.

Klipsch read a statement where he states that since October 2018 large fights have occurred at Shenanigan’s, which have left people worrying about their safety.

“This is really a situation where that area of our community is now a neighborhood, people are living there with their families, people are moving into living houses that we’ve created and we need to make sure they’re safe as it would be in any neighborhood.”

Following different incidents the City of Davenport has send petitions to the Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division three separate times in the last five years to remover Shenanigan’s liquor license, all of which have been denied but they are not giving up.

“The issue is we’re going to do it again, that’s the issue you petition to the alcohol beverage division in Des Moine they’re actually the ones that make the decision we do not make the decision whether, we can in fact deny a license but ultimately the decision is made by ABD in Des Moines.”

Klipsch says Downtown Davenport continues to grow and they want to make sure the environment is safe for everyone.

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