Car smashes into property after police pursuit, homeowner speaks to Local 4

Local News

A wild police chase took place throughout Davenport this evening. The suspects didn’t make it easy on officers either.

A car was stolen by four subjects and a police pursuit took place. Eventually the car was run off the road into a resident’s front yard at the corner of Harrison and 31st Street. Viewers tell Local Four that they saw officers chasing the vehicle north on Brady Street and throughout some neighborhoods.

The subjects then took off on foot running through many yards. Local Four obtained surveillance video of the police running through yards, chasing the subjects. One subject even hopped a fence. In the video you can also see a neighbor ushering his kids into his house to get them to safety.

All four were arrested. Local Four spoke with Aneta Lange who is the resident who’s yard the car was run off the road into. She says that it was quite the scene outside her house.

“I came back from work and I see a bunch of police cars all over the whole neighborhood. I had to park on the other side and as I got closer walking to my house I noticed that there was a car crashed in my front yard in front of my house.”

Lange is a mother and she says that fortunately nobody was home at the time of the incident.

“Normally I would have kids at home and that’s kind of scary that this could happen so close.”

Lange is new to the Davenport area and says this was quite the welcome.

“I just moved here three four months ago and I’m brand new to Davenport area so this is like all new for me.”

Lange says that she was looking for a safe place for her and her kids and now she says that she has some concerns.

“It gives me a lot of concern about the safety of the area. When I moved here I was looking for a safe spot in in Davenport and I didn’t think that something like that could happen right in front of my house.”

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