Davenport protesters rally for law enforcement

Local News

Now to the tough battle police face, and support they are getting, and the support they are getting.

Police held a news conference this morning, talking about measures being put in place so that everyone remains safe.

In an effort to stem the violence city officials are enacting a county wide curfew and requesting assistance from the national guard.

Local pastors were in front of the police station to rally for law enforcement.

You can see them outside lobbying holding signs that law enforcement lives matter with bible scriptures underneath.

Mike Reid, the pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Davenport says after he heard about the shootings he wanted to come out to get his message heard.

Reid says, “We understand that there was an officer who was shot right here in Davenport. One of the things we believe in is All lives matter all created in the image of God, so from conception all the way to physical death that all lives matter. Black lives, yellow lives, brown lives, officers lives. Often times in at times like this when you see the heinous murder that took place in Minneapolis people lose sight that officers lives matters as well. “

Police say the officer involved in the shooting overnight is doing well, and recovering.

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