The City of Davenport was awarded a $9.9 million grant Thursday from the Department of Commerce’s Economic Development Administration to assist with a new flood protection system at the water pollution control plant. The plant serves an estimated population of approximately 139,216, which includes 48 large scale industrial sites, 6,105 commercial properties and 47,455 homes in Davenport, Bettendorf, Riverdale and Panorama Park.

After the record flood of 2019, the project was determined a critical priority. “The need for an increased level of protection for the Water Pollution Control Plant and neighboring Compost Facility was identified as a critical priority after record flooding in 2019,” said Assistant City Administrator and Public Works Director, Nicole Gleason.

The project will secure the southern perimeter of the water pollution control plant and compost facility with a berm system about 4,600 feet long to a height of three feet over a 500 year flood event. It will also install interior pumping systems that ensure the plant can operate efficiently and effectively during high water events from the Mississippi River.

“This project is the first of phase of a multiple phased project required to complete a full ring of protection around the facilities,” assistant public works director Clay Merritt said. “The cost of the first phase is estimated at $12.5 million, with the four communities served by the facility providing the 20% required local matching funds. In addition, the City received a $4 million grant from the State of Iowa to assist in funding the second phase of the project.”