Davenport school board has 4 open seats coming up

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More than half of the seats on Davenport’s school board will soon be open.

Some parents have already announced their runs for those spots.

Four terms are expiring.

Board president Ralph Johanson and board member Linda Hayes are two of them.

Both say they’re not sure if they’ll run to keep their seats.

Daniel Gosa and Julie DeSalvo’s terms are also expiring.

DeSalvo will not be running again, but Gosa is.

Local 4 News has learned there are at least three candidates currently in the race: Catarina Bolton, Lori Janke and Kari Dugan.

Dugan helped create a parent group called District Wide Davenport.

It started two years ago after the state found the district in violation of seven areas.

“I have taken those couple of years not only to come to school board meetings but also to listen to parents, their concerns. Some of them have a wide range of concerns, people are concerned with the arts, people are concerned with the education, people are concerned with money,” Dugan says.

District Wide Davenport now has about 300 members.

Davenport’s school board election is November 5th.

Dugan urges more people to join the race.

The Davenport School District is holding an information session for people interested in running for the school board.

That’s on August 28th at the Achievement Center on Main Stree from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m.

An RSVP is requested but not required.

You can call or email Mary Correthers, Board Secretary, at correthersm@davenportscools.org or call 563-336-7431.

For more information and election forms, click here.

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