The Davenport Community School District could be one step closer to regaining full accreditation from the state of Iowa.

Representatives from the district met with members of the State Board of Education in Des Moines on Thursday for the district’s monthly corrective actions update. Davenport schools have been under conditional accreditation for three years now, with an audit by the state in 2019 determining the district disciplined minority students unfairly. It also found problems with the district’s special education services and campus safety standards. 

Fortunately for Davenport, many state board members displayed positive reactions to the district’s progress at the meeting. TJ Schneckloth, district superintendent, told board members he felt the district continues to meet its goals, saying many are either complete or nearing completion.

“We continue to move forward on the Davenport plan. We are moving as fast as we can,” Schneckloth said. 

Some of the goals Schneckloth discussed included working on systems for accountability, and restructuring leadership.

“What we are looking for is a routine and a cadence for how we review our data,” he said. “We set our goals, we set our building level plans, and then we attach all of our evaluation systems to those plans, and that’s part of the leadership restructuring.”

Many state board members agreed with Schneckloth’s evaluation, saying the district is moving in the right direction.

“In terms of the report on their progress right now, draw your attention to the fact that they have marked considerable progress,” said Amy Williamson, deputy director of learning and results for the Iowa Department of Education. “There’s a lot of green.”

“I know there was three areas or so that you’re working on making some improvements, and it looks like you’re very well on your way,” another board member said to Schneckloth.

Despite all the positive feedback, Schneckloth noted the district’s goals aren’t just being set to regain accreditation.

“This is our plan. This isn’t a checklist,” Schneckloth emphasized. “We believe in this, and we’re going to move forward.”

The state board is scheduled to vote on Davenport Community School District’s accreditation on Thursday, March 24.