Davenport voters react to Yang stop

Local News

With eleven days away from the Iowa caucuses, some of the Democratic presidential candidates are applying their full court press around the state.

Andrew Yang is among them.

He spoke to a crowd at the League of United Latin American Citizens club in Davenport Thursday.

Yang expressed his support for nuclear energy, term limits for congress, making tax day and election day into holidays, as well as how he plans to change education.

Yang said he would overhaul the immigration system as well.

“Someone studies at one of our universities, we should be trying to keep them here, instead of sending them back to their home country to compete against us,” Yang said. “And then we need to have a secure border in the South. We need a more intelligent approach to people who are here and undocumented. So we need to rationalize our immigration system from top to bottom.”

Salvador Lopez, who is supporting Yang, says that despite being a long shot, he thinks Yang has a chance at doing well in the Iowa caucus.

“He’s got a pretty good chance at climbing up the hill.” Lopez said.

Eliza Siep says she’s more of a conservative libertarian, however she is comfortable with Yang as the Democratic nominee.

“He reached across the aisle and did the Ben Shapiro podcast and the Ben Shapiro show. To me, that was a great step forward, and showed he was really willing to work across the aisle.” Siep said. “And for that I was willing to give him a chance. We have some crossover things that we do have in common.”

Yang will be in Burlington Friday.

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