Davenport woman pays it forward after miscarriage; Gives away baby items to mother in need

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A Davenport woman is paying it forward after a recent miscarriage.

Makayla McNeal from Davenport lost her unborn baby just 5 days ago due to pregnancy complications. She started collecting baby items like a changing table, bottles, clothes and toys to get ready for his arrival. She was 10 weeks pregnant when she lost her baby. 

“I found out that my baby didn’t have a heartbeat. And I had to have an emergency surgery,” she said. “It’s been an awful experience, something that I’ve never quite had to deal with or really knew how to deal with.”

Her unborn baby, that she named Malakhi, wasn’t coming home. 

She posted her story in the QC Pay It Forward Rock Island Facebook group. The page was created to help people help each other in times of need. McNeal decided to host a giveaway for the baby items to support a mother in need. 

Screenshot of Makayla McNeal’s Facebook post in the QC Pay It Foward Rock Island Facebook group.

“I thought with the holidays coming up, and with COVID-19 and the financial struggles that people were dealing with, I thought it would be an amazing act of kindness to help someone else,” she said. 

She called “Malakhi” her “angel baby” frequently, and was shocked when she drew Angel Berthoud’s name during the give-away. She said the coincidence was not one at all. She believed it was meant to be. 

“It was a beautiful thing,” she said. 

The mothers met in the room that would have been McNeal’s nursery. 

“I’m just glad I could help you and I hope it makes you journey a little bit easier,” McNeal said to Berthoud.  

Berthoud was grateful for the gift. 

“When I found out my name was drawn, it really sent a wave of emotions over me,” she said. 

She said the donation will help cut costs of a new baby, and hopefully inspire others to do more acts of kindness. 

“It’s really something I want somebody to take a lesson from,” she said. “if you can help, at least help. You don’t who’s struggling worse off than you are,” she said. 

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