Davenport woman says city project includes animal cruelty

Local News

A woman in Davenport is speaking out tonight about what she calls animal cruelty happening in her own back yard.

The city of Davenport is a re-constructing Prairie Point Pond near 58th Street and Belle Avenue. Crews are draining out the pond, which is killing the fish.

“The fish are just flopping around right now and dying and that’s just disrespectful,” Teree Dumerauff, who lives next to the pond said. “I feel it’s disrespectful to the wildlife, to the neighborhood. “The maintenance of the pond is a good thing, but the way they’re doing it, just letting the fish die…My home is 100 feet from the pond, it will reek and they just validated that..that it’s gonna smell when the fish expire.”

Davenport’s 8th ward alderwoman Judith Lee says the city is unable to relocate the fish, due to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources’ regulations.

“We have non-native fish in there now,” Lee said. “And those fish cannot be moved some place else because they may be diseased, they don’t belong in our waters, they’ve been put in by people that just want to get rid of their goldfish, and we’re trying to make a healthy ecosystem again for people to enjoy.”

Lee says the pond clearing efforts now will ultimately make the pond’s ecosystem more sustainable in the future.

“We’ve got way more ducks and geese than that pond can support,” Lee said. “And that helps make the water dirty, and they just have to be removed.”

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