A woman in Davenport is using her college education to light up the neighborhoods — and lives — of people across the United States and around the globe.

Aubrey Kall owns Luminous Harmony, a business she started nine years ago, which combines her passion of holiday lights and music.

Chief Meteorologist Andy McCray stopped by the Kall Christmas Lights display at 1852 Westminster Circle Monday night, where the family gave a live, exclusive sneak-peek of what people can expect to see when passing through the neighborhood.

A total of 75,659 lights are programmed to twinkle to the sounds of holiday music that people can listen to from the comfort of their own vehicles via 107.1 FM.

Shows run every half hour from 5:30 to 10 p.m. each night through Friday, Dec. 31.

The family has been doing the light display for 17 years, adding music to the mix for the past 13 years.

After graduating from college and changing her career path, Kall is living her dream by pursuing something she always wanted to do.

“I went to college for media production and new technology because I thought I was going to be a film director in Hollywood,” said Kall. “I loved this kind of editing, and that’s always what I was good at in high school … is putting videos together.”

Kall attended college for a year when she realized her true calling: Christmas lights.

“I switched to a business major and have a degree in management, and then my MBA, and I figured out how to make this work, thanks to the business experience and education,” said Kall.

A lot of Kall’s light displays involve computer programming, which she learned on her own using hardware and software by a company called Light-O-Rama.

“I actually work really closely with them as well now over the years because of how much I’ve been able to do in the community with all of this,” said Kall.

Kall operates her business full-time throughout the year, helping 28 people both inside and outside of the United States — including Canada — spread holiday cheer.

“I actually do this in 28 different states. My shows are everywhere,” said Kall. “I’ve got one in Saudi Arabia and Australia, too.”

Kall documents her endeavors with a map by putting a pin on each location she visits.

“This is everything that I’ve done in the past nine years that I’ve been in business,” said Kall as she held up a map of the United States. “My pins for the different commercial shows and residential shows. It’s just really fun to keep track of it all.”

Luminous Harmony eventually accumulated so many clients, Kall had to turn new ones away.

“Last year, I stopped accepting clients in April because I was so full,” said Kall. “It’s been amazing how much it’s grown, and I’m so blessed.”

Kall’s parents and neighbors are supportive of her business.

“The neighbors — the two across from us, especially — we could have not asked for better neighbors across the street,” said Kall. “They let people stand in their driveway to watch the show when it’s warm, and they are just the best, and everyone else around us … we truly couldn’t have asked for better neighbors.”

Whether it’s through her Facebook page or word of mouth, tons of people come out to see her light show.

“Truly, it’s too hard to count now, but it’s easily 15 to 20 cars every half an hour on the busy weekends,” said Kall.

Kall’s business wasn’t always this hopping. In fact, her first customer was when she was a sophomore in college and put on a three-block commercial show in Louisiana.

“I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, someone took a chance on me this first year and let me do this city block,'” said Kall.

Kall attended Lincoln School, Williams Intermediate School and Davenport Central — the latter of which she pays tribute to in her display with red and blue “DC” lights, as well as a blinking Blue Devil mascot.

She credits her music teachers at all three of these schools for inspiring her to start this business.

“I am so thankful to all of them for instilling this musicality in me and allowing me to do this artistry that’s behind me,” said Kall.