A former resident of the partial apartment building collapse on 324 Main Street in Davenport spoke with Local 4 News about her experience since the collapse.

The former resident still feels the effects of the collapse months later. “I thought someone had hit the building,” said Anne, who wants to be identified only by her middle name. “I felt it shake, the power went out and the fire alarm instantly went on. I started bawling because I was like, I can’t handle this; I hate this place.”

Anne grabbed her cat out of her apartment and rushed as fast as she could outside.

The Davenport apartment building, located at 324 Main St., Davenport, sustained a partial building collapse May 28, 2023. (OurQuadCities.com)

Anne’s insurance provider was State Farm. “I called my insurance. They wrote me a check right away which was nice,” Anne said. “But after that, it went to a specialist and he was kind of saying it was my fault; like, I knew the building was going to fall. He was, like, we have to get an expert out there to look at the building and why it fell. I told him good luck, sir, because the lady who lost her leg had to get a court order to stop (the demolition.)”

Anne said had trouble with her insurance provider during the collapse and still has problems months later. She told Local 4 News she still hasn’t received her insurance money from State Farm. “I gave them an inventory list and what the price was,” Anne said. “First they were, like, you can settle for half, or the full inventory list and get your full amount that you were insured for. So I did the full list because it’s quite a bit. After that, they came back and was, like, we want to know the quality of the item, what you paid for, what it was worth when you lost it. There’s things that I will never get back.”

Local 4 News reached out to a spokesperson for State Farm for a comment. That representative said, “We encourage any customer who has any question about their claim to reach out to us directly. We take pride in our customer service and are committed to paying what we owe, promptly, courteously, and efficiently.”

The City of Davenport confirmed the bodies of (Clockwise, from upper left) Branden Colvin Sr., Ryan Hitchcock and Daniel Prien were recovered at the site of the partially collapsed building in Davenport. (City of Davenport)

Anne said she also is frustrated with the City of Davenport. “It came out that the city knew that building was probably going to fall. Andrew Wold knew that building was probably going to fall,” Anne said. “I’m so mad. I’m trying to be nice to people, but it’s hard when all you have is gift cards from the city. I tell people you know why I have these stupid gift cards that say Quad Cities disaster relief? Because I lived in 324 Main Street.”

The City of Davenport commented on what Anne told Local 4 News:

“The city provided 6k for displaced tenants that were residents at the time of the collapse. The financial assistance by the city did not have any income restrictions on it. To date, all eligible tenants who have applied, have received funding,” the statement said.

The Davenport apartment building, located at 324 Main St., Davenport, sustained a partial building collapse May 28, 2023. (Brian Weckerly, OurQuadCities.com)

Anne said she continues to struggle financially and emotionally from the partial building collapse. “I just really want my insurance money,” she said. “I’m waking up with panic attacks in the middle of the night. If I go into buildings, I have to know my way out because the building starts coming in on me, and I’m not doing okay.”

Three people were killed and others were injured on May 28 in a partial collapse at the apartment building at 324 Main St., Davenport.