UPDATE: The City of Davenport provided an update just before 9:30 a.m. on Sunday: “Overnight crews continued operations at 324 Main Street, focusing on the material pile and removing material from the scene. This work will continue throughout the day today with crews working 12 hour shifts around the clock.”

EARLIER UPDATE: In a release, the City of Davenport sent out the following information regarding recovery efforts at the collapsed apartment building:

The Northwest Illinois Incident Management Team (IMT) was requested by the City of Davenport to assist the recovery process of the partial building collapse at 324 Main Street and has arrived on scene. The IMT brings a wealth of knowledge in many different areas most notably operations, planning, and logistics.

Incident Management Team (IMT) refers to a group of trained personnel that responds to an emergency. The incident management team concept was originally developed for wildfire response, although it has been expanded into what is now known as “All-Hazards Incident Management Team”. An AHIMT can respond to a wide range of emergencies, including fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami, riots, spilling of hazardous materials, and other natural or human-caused incidents. The Northwest Illinois Incident Management Team is comprised of members from the public and private sectors including law enforcement, fire service, emergency management and health care.

City of Davenport

According to the release, the IMT team has issued a video update about their work on scene, available here.

The City of Davenport has reported further efforts to search through the remains of the collapsed Davenport apartment building.

According to a release, crews on site began removing pieces of the building to control falling hazards overnight to support the recovery efforts of first responders on scene. Additionally, the City of Davenport has issued the following alerts regarding logistical changes taking place at the site of 324 Main St.:

The fence securing the site is subject to movement based upon movement of equipment needed on the site.

A notice to all drone operators, the FAA has implemented a temporary flight restriction (TFR) within a mile radius of 324 Main St. Drone operations is prohibited and impedes recovery efforts.

Traveling public should avoid downtown as traffic patterns are likely to shift on short notice.

City of Davenport

According to a release, Iowa Task Force 1 was mobilized this past week through Davenport’s Incident Command Team to provide assistance through the Iowa Department of Homeland Security for an urban search and rescue team. Total personnel on-site is approximately 45. That search was completed before sundown June 1, which has allowed teams to move to the next phase, shoring and securing the building for controlled recovery.

Iowa Task Force 1 has installed shoring on the exterior walls, and efforts to provide search and recovery capabilities continue. Iowa Task Force 1 will remain on-site until further notice.