Davenport’s Police Chief went transparent on his department

Local News

Davenport’s Police Chief Paul Sikorski went public Wednesday night trying to demonstrate that his officers and the entire department act with integrity and are transparent about it.

This comes after protests around the country and here in the Quad Cities.

During his presentation Chief Sikorski explained that neck restraints, the move that was used against George Floyd in the state of Iowa are considered a deadly force. He also talked about the department working with the FBI to get an extra set of eyes on violent crimes.

“We applied for voluntarily a partnership with the Department of Justice focus on violent crime focus on how we do business, police business in Davenport and again its outside eyes is outside assessments looking looking at what we do things and making adjustments looking at best practices around the country and us making adjustments,” said Sikorski. “You as leaders me as a leader our team our city team and our community leaders we need to work with our community leaders to identify those barriers.”

Chief’s Sikorski’s full presentation will be made available Thursday.

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