Iowa Democratic Party Chair Ross Wilburn spoke out early Thursday morning following UAW Local 281’s announcement via Facebook that John Deere workers would be going on strike for the first time since 1986.

Just after midnight, Wilburn released the following statement in support of John Deere factory workers in and around the state of Iowa:

“I stand in solidarity with the workers at John Deere factories around Iowa as they fight for a fair contract. My father was a proud UAW member and took part in one of the longest strikes in the Quad Cities in 1979. I know firsthand the frustration and anger that working families experience when they see the company drawing in record profits, and the CEO getting a major pay raise while they’re told to be grateful for the crumbs. The workers who keep John Deere running day in and day out deserve to share in the financial success of the company, and that includes good benefits, a secure retirement and wages you can raise a family on.”

According to UAW Local 281, the first picket duty will begin at 2 a.m.