Dennis Appleby says justice will be served soon for his missing 11-year old daughter

Local News

MOLINE, Illinois- It’s 23 years to the day since the last time anyone saw Trudy Appleby. Her unsolved missing persons case is arguably the most prominent in the Quad Cities.

People close to her will remember her Wednesday night by holding a vigil. Their work to get answers to her disappearance never stopped.
This day in 1996 is when 11 year-old Trudy Appleby disappeared from her home. She was last seen getting into a grey car in Moline. Despite the case being two decades old, police officials are still getting tips and new developments.

In January, detectives seized a boat in connection to the disappearance. Dennis Appleby, Trudy’s father, says he believes justice will be served very soon and has a message for the perpetrators.
” I aint forgotten who you are. I aint forgotten and i’m coming for ya,” says Appleby. He adds, ” and i’m closer now than I’ve ever been and their is nothing they can do to stop it.”

The vigil will be took place at First Baptist Church in East Moline.

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