Dermody announces plans to run for alderwoman-at-large

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From left are Hope Luce, Alexandra Dermody and Caleb Shelbourn.

Alexandra Dermody, a lifelong resident of Davenport, will run for alderwoman-at-large this year.

Dermody, who announced her candidacy in a news release on Saturday, serves on the board of directors for QC Pride, an LGBTQ+ advocacy organization, and the board of directors for Community Centered Counselling Services, a mental-health services organization.

Dermody also worked as a community organizer with Quad Cities Interfaith, a local nonprofit group, during the 2020 election year in Integrated Voter Engagement (IVE) and Census Data, and completed the Gamaliel National Leadership Training.

“My experiences serving on these boards, my work as a community organizer, with my unique perspective and approach to solving the problems our city faces is what sets me apart from the competition,” Dermody said.

She will run her campaign on these tenants: Invest in and revitalize the west end of Davenport, expand community-investment programs, expand and fortify the local economy, and invest in restorative-justice reform and public safety.

“I realize that this is an ambitious platform,” Dermody said. “But Davenport needs bold changes if we are to thrive into the second half of the century. We must work to diversify our economy, retain our youth population, and make Davenport a more livable and welcoming place for all of us.”

Dermody also points to her perspective as a member of Generation Z as being one of her main assets.

“My generation will inherit all of the problems and chaos that have been caused over the last several decades, and unless we work now to transform Davenport into a better city, we will just become another midwestern city that lost its population to New York or Los Angeles,” she said. “My goal is to see our city and youth thrive.”

Her generation, she said, “needs a seat at the table. This is the city I am born and raised in. I know what we need and will fight for all of us.”

“If anyone knows what the new generation needs, it’s a member of that generation. I plan to help transform Davenport into an incredible, thriving example of what can be accomplished when progress and ingenuity is embraced.”

Dermody’s campaign manager is Hope Luce, a Quad-City activist who organized a protest at Vander Veer Botanical Park during the summer of 2020 to address systemic racism. Luce also volunteered with and organized the Quad Cities Interfaith Summer of Social Change.

Dermody’s campaign treasurer is Davenport resident Caleb Shelbourn.

“The main reason I wanted to make sure I took the time to mention Hope and Caleb is because this campaign isn’t about just me,” Dermody said. “It’s a team of young people building a better Davenport that will work for all of us.”

Dermody has received endorsements from 2019 Davenport mayoral candidate Elizabeth Van Camp, and local business owner and former alderman at-large candidate Andrew Arnold. She also has been endorsed by the Sunrise Movement Iowa City Chapter as well as the statewide Iowa Sunrise Movement.

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