Despite tighter restrictions in Illinois, gym goers are relieved gyms won’t be closing

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Despite tighter restrictions gym goers like Aubrey Johnson are relieved gyms won’t be closing.

“I think the restrictions are good it keeps the gym open and we’re able to work out.”

Under the new mitigations…Face coverings must be worn at all times,
Locker room areas must be closed, and all indoor group classes will be suspended.

“Closing down the classes is a good choice to do for now.” […] “The gyms they’re now keeping very clean so that helps as well they shut down so they can clean everything.”

“Everybody takes precaution everyone keeps their distance.”

We reached out to serveral gyms but none of them wanted to make a comment on the new restrictions but berta scritchfield says the pandemic has caused her to change her workout routine.

“We go to the gym when it’s not as busy and we do typically try to go everyday we usually just stick to ourselves.”

She knows that for many, being away from the gym can be tough.

“We understand why they’re putting more restrictions on things it’s just hard on some families.”

And it’s not just about staying in shape.

“You’re able to get out of the house you’re able to release stress so it does help a lot.”

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