When you think of hot summer days, you might also think of ice cream.

One ice cream store has been going strong for almost 90 years in the Quad Cities.

Whitey’s Ice Cream has seen a lot of growth from its humble beginnings in 1933.
It started with a dairy worker named Chester Lindgren.

“He did not like his first name and he had white-blonde hair, so he always went by ‘Whitey,'” says Annika Tunberg, Whitey’s Ice Cream Vice President.

From Whitey’s first store on the corner of 23rd avenue and 16th street in Moline, to the now eight that await eager customers all around the Quad Cities, Tunberg says not much has changed in the way Whitey’s Ice Cream is made.

“We make ice cream like we like to eat it,” Tunberg says. “We don’t cut corners to save on cost, or whatever the case may be because we want it to be the best experience possible. The ice cream you ate back in the day is probably the same quality ice cream you’re going to get today.”

Whitey’s Ice Cream has gotten its share of recognition over the years, including an award for Best in the Midwest from the Midwest Living Magazine.

Although lots of people enjoy Whitey’s in the summer, the ice cream shops are open all year long.

You can learn more about the history of the shop on its website.