Destroyed Black Lives Matter yard sign isn’t silencing family

Local News

A family in Taylor Ridge, Illinois is speaking out after a Black Lives Matter sign and ally flag in their yard were destroyed.

It happened over the weekend and the family said they have no idea who did this or why. The sign and flag have been in their yard for six months.

“You brain does go to the worst case scenario, so we’re not people who have to be concerned with our safety living in a normal world, right?” said Megan Hassleroth, who lives there. “And people of color do, so I guess it’s just kind of a lesson in perspective, right?”

Because of what happened, the family actually added a new Black Lives Matter sign. This time, it’s even bigger.

The 4×4 sign is made of black and white paint and has lights on it so it can be seen at night.

Because of the incident, the family has gotten surveillance cameras for their front yard.

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