Did the pandemic cause a baby boom or baby bust in the Quad Cities?

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From projected pandemic baby boom to baby bust?

It’s been almost a year since the World Health Organization declared the pandemic.

Health experts expected a baby boom, but births are actually down across the country.

Local 4 reached out to local hospitals to get their experience.

Genesis Health system reports 10 more births in November from the previous year, but the number was down 29 in December.

Unity Point Health Trinity reports a 15% increase in deliveries in November and a 22% increase in December.

Not sure if you can attribute it to the coronavirus lockdown, but Sara Sampson owner of Bamboo Baby Boutique in LeClaire says she has seen a boom in sales.

“Generally because of COVID it is up because of the support of small businesses, so whether it’s because of babies or just that broad spectrum of support we have seen an increase,” says Sampson.

An increase Sampson says she excited to see, and she’s happy to be able to supply the demand for mothers.

“Lots of babies, and mommies, and big baby tummies coming in– but it’s hard to say if it’s due to that or not,” says Sampson.

Sampson delivered her seven month old baby Keagan during the pandemic.

Sampson says, “I have two older kids and so you know with my expectations of how it had been . It was making me a little nervous in a way.”

She says while delivering her son back in July, she can remember the hospital being very busy.

“We were just chatting with the nurses and they said they had to open up a whole other room on a different floor because they needed the extra space.” says Sampson.

She says despite having a baby boom, or a baby bust, she’s grateful to have the store to help mothers get their essentials.

“They’re just shopping for that sweet little outfit from going home from the hospital. The cute books, and stuff animals, and those kind of special things,” says Sampson.

Health experts say there are a number of factors that made the pandemic a unique situation.

That includes financial uncertainty, concern over safety, and the lack of child care provided by schools and grandparents.

All those factors resulted in couples holding off on starting or expanding their family.

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