The man charged in the kidnap and murder of 10-year-old Breasia Terrell now gets to wait a few extra months before going on trial.

Friday morning, Scott County District Court Judge Henry Latham granted a continuance to Henry Dinkins and his defense attorneys, who filed the request to push back the trial roughly a week-and-a-half ago on September 27. Latham set a pre-trial conference date for Friday, November 18, when the court will officially select a new date for the trial to begin. Dinkins’ trial was supposed to happen later this month on Monday, October 25, but this continuance will delay that date until at least early 2023.

Dinkins appeared in court via Zoom Friday morning with his attorneys Jennifer and Chad Frese. Jennifer Frese told Judge Latham that due to the uniqueness of the case, they would need more time to prepare. When Latham asked how much extra time they would like, Jennifer Frese asked for at least four months.

“I don’t know what else to say, Your Honor, other than we need more time to effectively represent Mr. Dinkins,” Jennifer Frese told Latham. “This case is complicated, we are exhausted, we need more time … (We are) requesting four months … I don’t realistically see us being prepared.”

Before making the decision, Latham said it was a difficult one to make, as he could understand the thoughts of both sides.

“This is a very difficult decision for the court to make,” Latham said. “The family of the alleged victim needs closure.”

After hearing more from the attorneys on both sides, Latham said he wanted to hear from Dinkins himself before making a decision. Latham asked Dinkins if he wanted continuance, just as his attorneys requested.

“I think it would be best for me and my situation, yes,” Dinkins replied to Latham.

Once hearing that answer, Latham granted Dinkins and his attorneys the continuance, but implied that he wants this to be the last time the trial is pushed back.

“I want a definite trial date set,” Latham said. “Late spring to very early summer at the very latest … This case needs to be resolved.”

The pre-trial conference Latham set for Friday, November 18 is exactly six weeks away, not only giving Dinkins and his attorneys more time to prepare for trial, but also giving everyone involved in the decision-making process more time to pick an official date for the trial to begin.