Disabled veterans canoeing down Mississippi River for charity

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Two disabled veterans canoeing along the entire Mississippi River reached the Quad Cities area Thursday. They started in Minnesota and are headed to the Gulf of Mexico.

They started their 2,500 mile journey two months ago. Their goal is to finish in 100 days.

They’re doing it to raise money to help people like them with disabilities.

“A bi-lateral double amputee and a disabled combat veteran, we’re doing 2,500 miles in a canoe, it’s pretty hard to say I can’t, so when people see this you know they maybe get some inspiration to decide to do something positive, it doesn’t have to be down the Mississippi go for a walk or around the park, go do something outside, be safe and enjoy life, that’s why we’re doing this,” said Nate Denofre, Courage Incorporated co-founder.

And it’s been 61 days of this grueling journey.

“Pain is my hardest part, and you fatigue, being in a canoe for 8, 10, 12 hours, sometimes longer,” said Don Jokinen, veteran.

You can follow along their journey here and donate.

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