District shooting victim’s mother and best friend speak out

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22-year-old Darien Ramsdale was one of the victims of the recent shooting in the downtown Rock Island district. Today, Local 4 spoke with his mother Wendy Ramsdale and one of his best friends Ian Washam. Washam was with Ramsdale on the night of the shooting.

Shots rang out in the downtown district of Rock Island around 2 a.m. on August 29 after a fight broke out on 18th street. Six people were shot. 43-year-old Jesse Brand Junior was killed.

Ramsdale was hit by a stray bullet in the neck, and is in critical condition. There is a possibility that he will be paralyzed.

A call hearing that your son has been shot is one that no mother wants to receive.

“At that point, I was speechless. I mean, there were no other words,” Wendy Ramsdale, Darien’s mother said. He then asked if he was alive, and was told that he was.

Darien Ramsdale was out that night with his two best friends, one being Ian Washam, who described the moment he realized Darien was hurt.

“The scariest part was not knowing exactly where Darien was hit and not knowing what kind of condition my friend was in for sure,” Washam said.

Washam was helping those around him who were hurt. He says the scene continues to play out in his mind.

“Just, hearing the ricochets going on around us and seeing an individual lying in the street. That was surreal,” Washam said. “I reacted on instinct to help the individual that had been hit in front of me.”

With COVID-19 concerns, only one person, his father, is able to be with Darien at the hospital, which means that Ramsdale has not seen her son since the incident.

“Well honestly, it feels guilty, because I feel like I should be there. That’s the hardest thing is because I can’t be there and say it’s going to be okay,” she said.

Washam said, he doesn’t want his friend to go through this by himself.

“That’s one of my other biggest fears is that I’m worried that Darien feels alone and I wish he was able to know how much support from the community that he is getting,” Washam said.

You can donate here to support the Ramsdale family: Link to Darien Ramsdale’s Go-Fund-Me page

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