Dog finds ‘fur-ever’ home after 756 days; brings awareness to need for adopting overlooked dogs

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Older dogs and canines with special needs are usually overlooked at animal shelters. Puppies are quick to find homes, but millions of adult dogs sit in shelters across the country.

National Make A Dog’s Day falls on October 22 each year and encourages people to visit animal shelters, as well as adopt those who end up spending more time waiting for a fur-ever home. 

An estimated 6.5 million animals enter shelters in the US each year. 3.3 million of those four-legged friends are dogs. 

Rose, a 9-year-old beagle and pitbull mix, lived at the Humane Society of Scott County for longer than most. Ryan Wille, the facility’s development director, said she spent more than 2 years with them. 

“Rose was here for 756 days,” he said. “She was a senior pet, she had some vision issues, she had skin problems, so people would kind of just breeze by her kennel,” he said. “Every day that went by, she probably lost a little bit of hope, but after 756 days, she’s been in her home for about a couple of weeks now.”

He said adult dogs are less sought after, but there is always a need for adoption. 

At King’s Harvest no kill shelter in Davenport, the head veterinary tech Gabrielle Weeks said applications are never scarce for puppies. 

“We have about 50 applications [for] our puppies, and maybe 1-2 on a few of the adult [dogs],” she said. 

They rescued 25 dogs from Oklahoma late Thursday night, which will fill their kennels. She’s encouraging families to adopt older canines, even if they need a little more help. 

“Older dogs are kind of set in their ways, so they’ll need more training and proper introduction,” weeks said. 

To apply or donate to King’s Harvest, visit the link here.

To apply or donate to the Humane Society of Scott County, click the link here.

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