Doggie day care still providing an essential service

Local News

The sounds of dogs barking at Animal Playground in Davenport haven’t gone away because of the coronavirus because there are still people taking their pets to day care.

“Most of them are people with essential jobs like that work in food or we have a lot of health care workers, paramedics,” says Lauren Jensen, Animal Playground staff member.

But business has been down.

“Honestly it’s been cut about in half, we usually have around 50 dogs here a day for day care and we’re probably seeing around 25-30 right now,” Jensen continues. “As far as grooming goes, it’s probably been about cut in half as well but this last week or so we’re starting to see an increase in people coming from across the river in Illinois to come over here and get their dogs groomed because they don’t want to wait for it to be back open.”

Animal Playground is taking the necessary precautions to keep their owners and pets safe.

“I started a protocol where I’m having people take their leashes home with them instead of leaving them hanging up back there,” Jensen says.

Small adjustments that could make a big difference.

“I’ve been making real sure to spray everything down with alcohol and bleach after I groom a dog. I spray all the kennels out after a dog was in there so no germs get co-mingled,” Jensen continues. “I try to take each dog straight to the tub just in case something were on the dog.”

So even during the coronavirus pandemic, staff members at Animal Playground can enjoy the sound of dogs barking.

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